Batch 2018 visit to Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre | 25th January , 2017.

On 25th January 2018, 15 students of batch 2018 along with two college admins, Hitesh Karki and Sunil Chaudhary visited Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Center situated at Nashikthan, Sanga. The purpose of the visit was to analyze and understand the current working methodology of the organization and identify the needs and requirements for a computerized system to carry out the day to day activity of the organization.

The trip started at 11:00 am, after one hour of drive we reached the location. There we were welcomed and given a tour of the organization by one of their members. During the tour he gave us different information about organization, a brief intro about spinal injury how the organization helped the patients and many other useful information. After the tour we were accompanied by another member (name) who gave us briefing about the current working methodology of the organization. We were explained about how the organization carried out its different tasks like inventory management, patient management, patient tracking, accounting management employee management etc. The trip formally ended with a group photograph and then we departed toward college.