Great things can happen when academic and industry partner up. At DWIT, we believe that students should work for any of the organizations. As an intern, they should explore places and always be curious to understand the problems of everyday lives. The challenge for our interns will be to observe the process of an organization and understand how they go about doing their business. A student should then be able to develop and implement various software in those organizations. And in the process, they should help such organizations become more efficient and productive. Some of our partner organizations –

Novel International P. Ltd

Novel International P. Ltd ,is a private Limited Company registered under company’s act under His Majesty Government of Nepal in the year of 1999.It was established in Nepal by some professionals with vast experience in Fire Fighting Field and gradually become the most preferred for Fire detection, Firefighting and Security solutions like Clean Agent Fire Suppression System like FM- 200 System, NAFS-125, CO2, NOVEC-1230, Inert Gases (IG-01, IG-100, IG-55, IG-541), FM-200/CO2 DLP System, Intruder Alarm System, CCTV System, Access Control and many more provider in Nepal.
Novel5 Novel2 Novel3
Contact Info Address: Sanchal, Sanepa-2: Lalitpur Country: NEPAL Phone: 5531682, 5531683, 5531636 Email:

Crystal Aqua Service P. Ltd.

Crystal Aqua Service P. Ltd , established in 2066 B.S is a producer and supplier of safe and healthy water for drinking and household uses. It serves two different brands of drinking water in 1 liter bottle and 20 liter jar under the brand names Aqua Nirvana and Aqua ISSA. Crystal Aqua also provides processed tanker water for household and industrial purposes.All the products of Crystal Aqua meet the National Drinking Water Quality Standard (NDWQS).
AquaCrystal5 AquaCrystal2 AquaCrystal2
Contact Info Address: Manamaiju – 3, Kathmandu City: Kathmandu Country: NEPAL Phone: 98511-25674 Email: –

Groundwater Development Company P. Ltd.

Goundwater Development Company P. Ltd. is one of the biggest groundwater drilling companies in Nepal. It also rents out heavy drilling equipment and machineries.
GroundWater2 GroundWater3 GroundWater4
Contact Info Address: Baneswor, Kathmandu City: Kathmandu Country: NEPAL Phone: 9851072727 Email: –

SilverCrest Networks P. Ltd.

SilverCrest Networks P. Ltd. was established in the year 2005 AD as a sales and service house engaged in supply and installation of various office automation equipment and internet security products with complete maintenance and support. It is also involved in electrification projects including Electrical, Data and Telephone networks.
IMG_4296 IMG_6187 IMG_4280
Contact Info Address: Shakya Complex, Kandevtasthan, Kupondole, City: Lalitpur, Country: NEPAL Phone: 5011515 Email:

Celebration Heights P. Ltd.

Celebration Heights P. Ltd. is a premier entertainment and event venue in Kathmandu. Executives with global management experience are the founders and operators of Celebration Heights. CH takes great pride in offering world-class hospitality services.It’s open for both family and corporate events.
CelebrationHeight1 CelebrationHeight2 CelebrationHeight3
Contact Info Address: Sukedhara Heights, Ring Road, City: Kathmandu, Country: NEPAL Phone: 4428791 Email:

JBRH and Company

JBRH and Company is a partnership firm of Chartered Accountants registered with The Institute Of Chartered Accountants of Nepal in the year September 2000. It has its Registered and main office at Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Contact Info Address: Anamnagar, Ward no. 32 City: Kathmandu, Country: NEPAL Phone: 4770187/4770796

Reliance International Academy

Reliance International Academy, established by a team of highly dedicated and qualified professionals and academicians, is a student-friendly institution providing quality educational service since 2050 B.S.
Contact Info Address: Maitreya Marg, Saraswoti Nagar, Chabahil. City: Kathmandu, Country: NEPAL Phone: 4812445/4822336

Deerwalk Travels & Tours P. Ltd

Deerwalk Travels & Tours P. Ltd is a travel and expedition company, fully licensed under the Ministry of Tourism, in Nepal. After a long period of serving in the field of travel, we are proud to offer a wide range of service on best adventure and leisure holidays around the world. Deerwalk travel and tours were started to foster trust in the travel industry, which requires members to adhere to the highest standards.
Godawari Gosaikunda Nagarkot
Contact Info Address: Sifal, Kathmandu, Country: Nepal Phone: 4478067 Email:

Deerwalk Foods P. Ltd

Deerwalk Foods P. Ltd established in 2011, provides high-quality food (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner) and serves the staff of Deerwalk Services and the staff/students of Deerwalk Institute of Technology. Our goal is to offer high-quality, nutritious, and hygienic food at affordable cost.
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Contact Info Address: Sifal, Kathmandu, Country: Nepal Phone: 4485426

Deerwalk Sifal School

Deerwalk Sifal School established in 2016 is situated in prime location in Sifal adjacent to famous Sifal Chaur in the sacred World Heritage site of Pashupati area. The school is easily accessible from different parts of Kathmandu. The school is in calm place despite its prime location as there is wide and open Sifal Chaur in front of the school and a great greenery of the famous Bhandarkhal forest. There is the old town of Jayabegeswori(Gola) to the eastern part of the school.
sifalschool1 sifalschool2 sifalschool3
Contact Info Address: Sifal, Kathmandu, Country: Nepal Phone: 4471354, 4478482 Email:

Surya Power Company Pvt. Ltd.

Surya Power Company Pvt. Ltd. is an international organization that designs, supplies and installs the solar home system for the residential/commercial application. We are a one-stop provider of individual components, complete systems as well as expert to provide a complete turn-key solution for your power needs.
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Contact Info Address: 227 Gyanodaya Marga, Bafal, Kathmandu Country: Nepal Phone: 4274604, 9851176527 Email:

Laxmi Interior and Decor

Laxmi Interior and Decor is a construction company as well as a company that supplies different boards and varnish. This company is constructing prefabs (prefabricated houses) at different places around valley.
Contact Info Gwarko imadol Lalitpur, Nepal 985-1152719

National Innovation Center

National Innovation Center aims to introduce Research and Development (R&D) culture to Nepal and help to nurture and promote innovation based ecosystems by employing both grassroots (bottom-up) and top-down approaches.
nic1 nic2 nic3
Contact Info Address: Shivabhakta Marg 304, Lazimpat, Kathmandu Nepal Country: Nepal Phone: +977 4428090 or +977 9841592361 Email:

109 Degree

The 109-degree restaurant is a Continental Restaurant situated in Sifal serving delicious food in a peace and family environment.
109 degree 01 109 degree 02 109 degree 03
Contact Info Address: Sifal, Kathmandu Country: Nepal Phone: 984-1141445 Email:

Newton International College

Newton International College offers the course on four years BBS and three years BA/ BSW and Mass – Communication under Tribhuvan University.
newton college 1 newton college 2 newton college 3
Contact Info Address: Dharma Bhakta Marga, Kathmandu Country: Nepal Phone: 01-4479210 Email: