Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

DWIT will follow the general structure of its affiliate – Tribhuvan University. The key standout of DWIT from other colleges will be the groundbreaking teaching styles that will come from its academic-industry partnership with Deerwalk Inc.

At DWIT,  we give equal focus on the course content but as well as the methodology adopted to teach the course. To begin with, at DWIT we have made it mandatory that all its faculty members must at least hold a Masters Degree in the subject he or she teaches in the college.

Among several methodologies adopted, some key features include

  • Interactive Class – Students must interact with teachers in the class.
  • Assignments and Quizzes – A minimum set of assignments and tests are a MUST for each student in each semester.
  • Presentations – Both group and individual presentations must be made for each of the subjects in every semester.
  • Term Papers – Every semester, a student must write a term paper that will eventually take a shape of a project.

We believe in three foundations of learning.


Hence, we focus on building the foundations of programming so that every student can go and become a successful entrepreneur of tomorrow. To do so, we encourage our students to get beyond of the classroom, go explore the real life solving problems faced by people in the neighborhood as well as from other corner of the world. For this we believe that student should not just focus on learning the theories, building applications from what has been learnt but be a good human being.