Students at Deerwalk Institute of Technology come from different cities and towns of Nepal. Today, we have a vibrant student community that has student representation from the far east to the far west of the country and come from diverse economic, social and cultural backgrounds.

Deerwalk Institute of Technology aspires to give its students more than just a degree with competence in core subjects. We want our students to learn to become better people who can contribute substantially to their community. We hope to instill skills and qualities in our students that help them to attain overall success in their careers and other endeavors by learning to be respectful of others and working collaboratively as part of a team. To this end, we encourage each student to take part in various club activities conducted by the college. Our holistic approach to education makes Deerwalk a truly unique institution for students.

A detailed profile of each of the students can be read in the official blog site of the college. Its called

Learning these traits are difficult but not impossible. We at Deerwalk Institute of Technology therefore encourage each student to take part in various activities conducted by the college.

ECA – Extra – Curricular Activities

ECA form an integral part of learning at DWIT. Among its three pillars of  learning through ‘Extensive Theoretical Exposure’ & ‘Thorough Practical Excellence’, the other one is ‘All-round Personality Development’. These are achieved through active participation of students in around dozen clubs that exists today.

The Deerwalk Literature Society

Reading perhaps is one habit each and every student should try inculcate. The Book Club is all about reading a book and conducting discussion sessions regarding new things that you learnt. Also it is a platform where you can freely share your ideas as to whether you necessarily agree with what author has to say or not.

Of the several books shortlisted, the first ever session got kicked off with the book ‘FREAKONOMICS’. The other books that have been covered include “The World Is Flat”, “Nothing to Declare” and “One Hundred Years of Solitude”.

The Book Club Event @ DWITThe Book ClubBookClub1Book Club 3

The DeerExpress Club

DeerExpress is a regular activity of the college where students are encouraged to come forward and express themselves in different ways like public speaking, debating or sharing a talent that they have (for example playing an instrument). The members of DeerExpress Club are responsible for making arrangements for such programs by working closely with the college coordinator.

Baburam Bhattarai @ DWITJeffGBasanta PantUS Embassy

The Documentary & Movie Club

As a part of EC Activities, the college screens various highly acclaimed documentaries to the students. The members of the Documentary Club will be responsible for choosing the documentaries from the documentary library and making the necessary arrangements for screening them to the students.

All clubs will have a set of members and a leader chosen by the college. All members of the club, upon completion of their respective programs, will write a post in the college blog and college website along with attaching some pictures of the event. Students are also encouraged to participate in a national level activities related to software development like Microsoft Nepal (by becoming a Microsoft Student Partner) and FOSS (Free Open Source Society Of Nepal).

MOvieDoc2Doc3Doc 5Doc 5

The DWIT News Club

The DWIT News Club, founded on March 2, 2014, is the only college weekly in Nepal. The News is published every Monday at 5:00 pm on its official site and serves the communities of Deerwalk Institute of Technology and Deerwalk Services. Every edition of DWIT News includes news on different international, nations and college events, issues that affect students, a series on technology, an opinion column, a guest column and much more. The club currently consists of twenty dedicated members with two co-editors in chief, five editors and thirteen reporters, each concentrated on a specific category.

The club aims to turn the DWIT News site into an officially recognized e-news site. Also it aims to improve the visit count of the site by bringing positive changes to the category and content of the articles, the look and feel of the site, and by introducing new features like video interviews, documentaries, thought provoking pictures and so forth.

The Hiking Club

Hiking is not simply about walking up and down hills: there’s more to it. Hiking not only allows one to see and experience different places which they would otherwise rarely visit, it is also the perfect occasion for bonding with friends. The members of Hiking Club will be responsible for choosing various hiking routes, preparing a list of hikers and arranging necessary logistics.

The club also has been providing wonderful hiking experience to students and college staffs. The aim of the club is “Hike For Education”. It’s sole purpose is to entertain and lessen the stress of regular college hours. The club encourages students for hiking and give them real life experience

HikingHikingHiking 1Hiking 5

The IT Department

The primary purpose of IT Club is to manage and maintain the PC’s and Internet Service that DWIT is using. This club provides the students with platform to learn and teach students about networking and computer hardware. IT club is responsible for repairing and maintaining lab machines, DWIT Internet services, teaching students about networking and Linux servers, managing user in hotspot service, helping students with hardware/software related problems

In future, IT Club wants to be the IT department of DWIT. The members of IT Club aspire to excel in the IT and Networking field and want to solve hardware, software and networking problems we face daily.

Lab MaintenanceGoogle glass @ DWITIITClub 3IT Club - 4

The Media Club

The Media Club of DWIT is responsible for developing different videos related to DWIT College activities. The club has already developed and released DWIT News Videos and Featured Videos of Media Club, Sports Club, Deer Fest 2014. The vision of the club is to continuously provide numerous entertaining videos to the DWIT family and beyond.

The Music Club

Music club was introduced a year ago with a vision to help students of DWIT learn different musical instruments. The club is offering free guitar classes to the students of DWIT. As a club, it aims to grow its reach to different musical instruments. In future, the club plans to include lessons on different instruments and wants to grow as a band. The club envisions nurturing every student’s passion in music and harnessing their full potential.


The Software Club

The Software Club is responsible for organizing coding competitions among students. It also contributes in building enterprise level applications for DWIT. It has organized different sessions of DeerCoders and conducted Deerthon 2014 successfully. The Software Club vision is to organize a healthy Inter and Intra College Hackathon and other coding competitions similar to Deerthon with the aim of providing students a competitive environment to build up a minimum viable product using their technical and non-technical skills. The club encourages students for active participation.

Software1 Software2 Software3 Software4


The Social Service Club

The Social Service Club is established with an aim to involve students of DWIT in social services. It was established in 2013 with a group of people who were interested to contribute to society. The main motto of the club is to make students aware of their social responsibilities. Since the establishment of the club, it has been trying to help the society through different activities. The club plans to stand out with its activities and encourage the students of DWIT to get involved in social service activities and realize the responsibility towards the community at large.

The mission of the club is to help the society in whichever way we can. The club concentrates on all those small factors which we have ignored due to various reasons but which makes a big impact in people’s life. We aim to bring everyone together for betterment, because we believe, “Together, We can.” We believe that together we can solve any difficulties, thus we believe in a team effort and unity. We have always been taught that no effort is a waste, and to cover a huge distance we first have to take the first step. So, our club values the importance of all small effort that can help the society and bring smile on someone’s face.


The Sports Club

The Sports Club deals with all the sports activities that take place in DWIT. The club is providing, managing, maintaining sports equipment within DWIT and organizing various sports tournaments, sports events like indoor cricket, football, basketball, badminton, table-tennis, chess, FIFA etc.

DWIT Sports Club does not limit itself in only intra-college sports events but also encourage inter-college sports tournaments. The organizes almost every sports event covering the interest of all the students of DWIT and wants all the students of DWIT to participate in the sports events with excitement.

Sports Club @ DWITFutsal organized by The Sports ClubsportsSports1

And its serious fun as well.

Glimpses from Deerfestdeerfest 3DWIT students @ IT4DDeerfest