Power Workshops

Power Workshops

Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) – the leader and trend-setter in IT education in Nepal – has been successfully conducting workshops on various programming languages and tehcnologies.

Since these workshops are pretty intense , they have been aptly named as “Power Workshop”. So far we have had two sessions of such workshops held with more than 100 students benefiting from these workshops.

The main target audience benefiting from this kind of workshops are DWIT students and some selected students from other colleges.  The students from other colleges are chosen from those colleges who run similar program to that of ours and are not a privately owned organisation. This year alone we distributed roughly Rs 86,000 worth of scholarships to attend these workshops to students of Patan Multiple Campus and ASCOL. By using both formal and informal teaching-learning methodologies, some key purposes of the workshop are to:

  • explore and expand the “elastic-limit” of the students
  • encourage self learning processes
  • help students take initiatives and reinforce their pro-activeness
  • disseminate the message to evaluate the feasibility of conducting such workshop to the outsiders

The evaluation of the workshop in terms of its effectiveness and productivity is being carried out by both the students and the mentors/instructors constantly rating each other.

An individual project work is mandatory due at the end of the workshop.

The main teaching-learning components of the workshop are the following:

  • Programming in C
  • Programming in Java
  • Programming in Python
  • Data Analytics
  • Android Programming
  • Working with Databases using MsSQL
  • Photoshop and Introduction to Animation
  • Information Technology and Networking
  • Software Testing – Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC)

The detailed course-ware of each component will soon be made available. 

Being the leader in the IT education in Nepal, DWIT is always on the lookout for creative and innovative ideas to enrich the learning experience of the students thereby staying ahead of the competition in the IT education sector. DWIT is committed to provide its students with unique opportunities for growth and leadership excellence.