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Freshman Year Students Present Term Papers

On 26th of August, 12 groups of students from Freshman Year – 2nd Semester ( each group comprising of 4 students ) presented their term papers. Each group was given 15 minutes ( presentation plus Q&A ) of time to pitch an idea, explain its feasibility, marketing strategy and estimate of time required to develop a full-fledged product.

The three hour session was evaluated by panel of three judges – a English teacher, a Software developer and a Project manager.


Dr. Deepshikha Garg, Business Manager at Google Inc. speaks to students

Dr. Deepshikha Garg, business manager at Google Inc. spoke to students of the DWIT College. Deepshikha is a Ph.D. graduate from Tohoku University, Japan.

Deepshikha Grag

She spoke about her experiences in working with different companies and also advised students to follow their dreams.

Deepshika is a first batch student from KU’s Computer and Electronics Engineering.


On March 13th, 2016, DWIT held its first ever graduation ceremony.

The ceremony started at 12.30 pm in the presence of Chairman Dr. Rudra Pandey and his family, Chief Guest Sushil Raj Pandey- Knowledge Management and Communication Specialist at ICIMOD, Erica Pandey – Guest Student from Yale University, Administrative Staffs, Students from class of 2015 and their parents, and the students of DWIT.

Six students from class of 2015 were given graduation certificates.

The formal graduation ceremony was followed by cultural fest called DeerUtsav 2.0, the event being the second of its kind.

DWIT students win the first prize

Abhishek Gupta, Sagar Giri, Sachin Aryal and Sanjeev Mainali [Junior Year, SEM VII] won the first prize worth NRs 15,000 in hackathon competition. They had named their team ‘Team Core i4’. The competition was organized by YoungInnovations on the occasion of Open Data Day. The event was held in KCM, Kathmandu College of Management, on 5th of March. The theme of the competition was ‘using data to solve real problems’.

The winning concept by the team was a mobile application designed to tackle the issues of large scale migration of Nepalese workforce as well as providing skilled labour force in construction work. This is one of the glaring issues since the aftermath of mega earthquake.
The idea was based on the assumption that government bodies / agencies will announce job vacancies / training opportunities in their respective websites. All such posts would be reflected on this application making it easy for job / training seekers. These opportunities can stop young people from going abroad solving the Migration and Reconstruction problems.

This is the second time in a row the team has won first prize.

In the same competition held last year, Abhishek and the team’s ( Sanjeev Mainali, Anil Shrestha and Sameer Shrestha) winning idea was an application that would help people get notifications about cleanliness drives in their community. The application named “Health and Sanitation Tracker” would help people get notifications and also find ways to contribute in such activities. The event was held at DWIT premises.

Deerwalk Canteen Improving in Quality and Infrastructure

DWIT has been expanding the canteen area as per the demand made by both the staffs and the students. Even in the menu selection, it has been expanding and trying to include new dishes every day.


Mr. Pranab Man Singh, In-House Architect Consultant gave his feedback on the upgrade of the canteen and its surrounding. He said, “It all depends on budget at hand. DWIT do have plans to improve the canteen facilities. DWIT has also consulted the design firm for master plan development of entire campus. There will be lots of changes in the campus.”

He added, “Deerwalk Construction Company will take care of construction works and I will be coordinating on the architectural aspects.”

Sports Club Organizes Football Event

On 19th July 2015, The Sports Club, one of the clubs of DWIT, organized a football event at TIA Ground, Hattigauda. The Sports Club had formed the official football team to represent DWIT. This event was held to give training session for the team.


There were 18 students who participated in this football event. The players were divided into three teams having six players in each team.

After the match was over, Prajjwal Sthapit, vice president of the club, said “Our football team looks pretty stronger than it was before. So, we are going to take this football team into higher level by participating in other tournaments. Now, the entire team should be ready to face the challenge that has been presented upon them.”


Meeting Held in the Deerwalk Premises: Suggestion Collection on Draft of Constitution

On 17th July 2015, the meeting was held with the presence of Gagan Thapa, a member of Executive Committee of Nepali Congress Party and other local authorities to collect the suggestion on the draft of new constitution in Deerwalk Premises. Gagan Thapa started the program encouraging the public to hold the meeting on regular basis where people can raise problem to their leaders.

Gagan Thapa

Mr. Gagan Thapa said, “The Constitution Assembly has come up with a draft of constitution. There is online platform where all the people can suggest for the improvement of laws in the constitution. The government also plans to collect manually from the public.”

At least one program should be conducted in the election area to collect the suggestions. Different programs are conducted at different parts of the city which last for four to five hours in each places.

Therefore, one hour program was successfully conducted.